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Two In A Day

I just uploaded some pictures onto my facebook, so I thought I would share these sweet pictures with my livejournal, since it seems my livejournal feels, well, lonely.

Chloe being adorable, August 29th

My bed

My desk, while looking quite crowded, is actually quite functional.

The British flag proudly displays my love for Britain and beer.

And rum (note: pirate flag.)

I bought these curtains today and was quite impressed with them. At first, I accidentally only bought one, because TWO were shown on the package but only one was inside. So I had to go back. However, using my collegiate, enterprising mind, I used COMMAND HOOKS to hold up the drapery rod. Seriously, command hooks SAVE college students on a daily basis.

Anyway, that's it for today, children.

XX, Michelle


Chloe is cuuuutttteeeeee!!

That is reminiscent of my first dorm room
I know, Chloe's my baby. She has a sister, Cleio, who may get a pictorial of her own soon. :)